10 Digital Marketing Tips for The Christmas Season


1. Run a competition. – Give something away in the run up to christmas, give lots of things away, it’s the season for giving.

2. Get people to start talking about Christmas – Get people to start talking about their festive habits.

3. Decorate. – Make your social media presence festive, update your cover and profile pictures with a christmas theme.

4. Emoticon it! – When posting status updates, include santa, snowman and snowflake emoticons.

5. Do something amazing, and film it! – Christmas is a magical time, if you make it more magical for someone by giving them something…film it, capture the magic for your audience.

6. Generally share the love. – It’s christmas, if you can do something that makes a positive difference, do it!

7. Be funny – It’s the time to show off your great personality. A funny status like “In Santa’s workshop now chasing elves”.

8. Converse with people. – Engage with people, at christmas it’s going to make your presence stronger and more special.

9. Be a little different – What are you unique for? Can you decorate your uniqueness with some festive cheer?

10. Don’t forget – Wish people a happy Christmas on December 25th!!

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