App Development

Apps are not new, however with the advancing of technology and internet speeds as well as mobile use, they are becoming a hot topic in any business.

Some businesses are choosing to host their content solely on an app, Instagram is a prime example with only limited functionality available through a web browser, web or otherwise. Snapchat is another innovative social networking platform used solely through mobile apps. This increases the exclusive feel of a mobile only app accessible through only a number of platforms.  

Apps are changing the way we live, from turning our lights on and off in our homes, to tracking our fitness levels apps are integrating with us to become a part of our every day lives. 

Caster & Candy will support you in understanding if an app is what you need, what platforms your app will be hosted on and how it will interact with the end user. 

Simplicity and usability is key to an app, these are two of the fundamentals we include when developing a solution for your business. 

Your app could be to increase productivity, solve a particular problem, gain feedback, introduce gamification into tour content marketing or make it easier to get in touch with certain parts of your business.

Caster and Candy support app development on all of the major app platforms, iPhone app store, Google Play Store (android) and Windows Store. 

Click here  to speak to an account manager to review your app development needs, we have the skills the passion and the technology needed to design and build an incredible app for you and your business. 

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“We had an awesome idea for an app but did not have the first idea on how to turn that idea into reality. Caster & Candy designed, created and published our app for us we now use it to connect with our customers and have increased sales by an impressive 34%! Would highly recommend.”
Jayne Harding - Online Fashion Outlet

“We didn't know if we needed an app or a website, Caster & Candy clarified this and helped us get to where we needed to be!”
- James Foley - Video Production Company


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