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Hitting the digital sweet spot

We’ve all been there, perhaps out on the golf course or in the boardroom. It could be that club and ball connect perfectly or precision planning pays off and we deliver the perfect result. When it comes to your digital marketing, hitting that sweet spot just got a little bit easier as Peter Doak from Caster & Candy explains.

Investment in the digital economy is paying dividends in Northern Ireland. In many ways, we’ve led the way in the UK with investment in digital infrastructure. An infrastructure and platform that has attracted global firms like NYSE Technologies, TV Production company HBO and insurance specialist Allstate and seen them invest in setting up operations in Northern Ireland.

The opportunities created both economically and socially by the development of high speed communications infrastructure are already being reaped, but what about your business?

Have you gone native? Do you know your big data from your small and are you simply advertising to potential customers or actually engaging with them?

With the highest ownership of tablet computers in the UK and nearly half of the population owning a smartphone, the opportunities for your brand to gain new customers and target new audiences are manifold.

Social media use continues to rise with 53% of people in Northern Ireland accessing Facebook, Twitter and similar services online, either at home or on the move and when it comes to purchasing – three in five (60%) of people purchase goods and services on the internet.

And while there are few people out there who don’t know their Facebook from their Twitter, some businesses aren’t approaching the digital world with the same strategic focus that they would apply to the rest of their marketing initiatives.

That’s the sweet spot of digital marketing, and that’s where Caster & Candy come in.

Led by Peter Doak, the team at Caster & Candy combines traditional media know-how with digital expertise.

Hence the name – Caster to reflect our broadcast and traditional media expertise and Candy – well it’s pretty simple – we want to create sweet, engaging content that delivers for your brand.

And that’s crucial too – delivering. We don’t just want to be another firm on the block talking about how important digital marketing is. We want to make it relevant and profitable for local companies.

So rather than just jumping onto the social media bandwagon and throwing up a Facebook or Twitter page we will enable companies to approach their digital marketing in a targeted and strategic manner.

Caster & Candy is also unique in having developed a specialised digital marketing technology known as ONE, specifically designed to increase visibility and ROI on your digital marketing initiatives.

Digital marketing can’t just be an add-on, or a nice to have. Customers expect more and want to be engaged and excited. You have to appeal to them, bringing them on board and increasing fans and followers is only the start of the process.

Any campaign must also deliver results. We believe passionately that with the advent of new technology online, analysis of return on investment is of paramount importance. And we will work with companies to constantly ensure that we meet targets and achieve their goals and objectives.

Imagery, words, video content are all part of the experience and journey – whether you are a banker or baker – we use our technology, expertise and service to deliver a world class digital marketing strategy and structure for your business.

The opportunities presented by digital technology for our local companies to grow on a global scale are plentiful, but in the wrong hands you risk missing out on the sweet spot.

That’s the digital sweet spot – when activity and effort combine to create real return on investment and Caster & Candy is here to help you hit it.

Peter Doak - Caster & Candy

Peter Doak – Caster & Candy

Contact Peter today to discuss hitting the digital sweet spot for your business on (0)28 9031 6131 or email Visit the Caster & Candy website at

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