The CEO Edition – High Performance in Northern Ireland

High performance undoubtedly exists in Northern Ireland. It exists in sport, in the arts and in business. We can identify it quickly when we see it but what exactly makes one performance better than another?

This video of the late George Best shows a flash of his genius on the football pitch. Was George naturally talented on the football pitch or was it down to practice?

Another of our country’s treasures, Rory McIlroy’s Tweet celebrates his Open win this year after consistent high performance throughout his season.

How did Rory become such an exceptional golfer? Is there a secret sauce formula that unlocks the key to consistently higher results?

There are endless articles on the internet about high performance in sport, in teams, in organisations and in our personal lives. Caster & Candy have outlined the consistent messaging in these articles to try to unlock the formula for high performance in all of our pursuits.

1. Preparation

It doesn’t matter who you are it matters how you have got to where you are. If you put nothing in, expect to get nothing out. Preparation, practice and experience can determine winners from the rest.

2. Opportunity

They say luck is a big part of success, but does luck even exist? Random fortunate events do happen but really we make our own luck by being open to, identifying and taking opportunities when we see them.

3. Determination

Mental toughness is key. It is you vs you out there and when you can accept that you will suffer defeats, but will never let them stop you achieving your goals in the long term, then you will ultimately be in the correct mind frame to succeed.

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