The CEO Edition – Social Media for your Business

Social media marketing as an industry has been around since around 2009, is it a continuing disruptive force in 2014?

Caster & Candy’s Peter Doak reviews some of the most recent social media success stories from across the world and comments on how they can be applied in your own business.

A 2014 social media coffee success story…

Twitter has always been the place where smaller brands have been able to level the playing field with large scale marketing budgets. @pactcoffee were able to do just that with their recent social media marketing campaign.

@pactcoffee wanted to increase their customer base. They used promoted tweets (paid adverts) to target their specific target market and offered a full product normally worth over £10.00 for £1.00.

Their campaign reached the eye-line of 50 million people, increased their connection base by over 300% and had a peak of engagement on their new product line.

Businesses have offers all the time, why not apply your latest offer to a twitter promoted tweets campaign?

With a relatively small budget you not only generate immediate interest, you will collect connections to your Twitter account for future sales!

In India, Facebook is winning elections… Narendra Modi’s 2014 Indian prime ministerial campaign on Facebook was well thought out, had a strategy and touched the people who were interested in learning about the next prime minister of India.  

His rivals who started off later as a reaction to his social media campaign fell by the wayside and didn’t have the same authenticity as his original campaign did.

If you have something you want to promote on Facebook, think it out beforehand, look at the long game and be original. Social media users are savvi, they know if you are an imitator.

It wouldn’t be social media unless something was disrupting the norm and Instagram is certainly doing that.

16-30 year olds are using Instagram more than Facebook as their sharing platform of choice.

Instagram Herschel Example, Social Media

Canadian retailer Herschel knows this and increased profit over 30% by creating an online catalogue on Instagram, fitting its target market on their terms in an entirely new environment.

The key to this story is to interact on new platforms in a way that suits the audience, be agile and ensure you are noticing changes to the social media landscape as they come.

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