Email Marketing

When a business grows it will find itself in the position of having an amount of email addresses available to market to, its just what happens, it might even be happening in your business now and you don’t know it. 

Email marketing is in any case an effective method of communicating with your audience. At Caster & Candy we see an email address as a key goal in ensuring a strong, repeatable connection with your customer.

Our customers range from those who do not have an email to those who want to make more of the list they have. We support customers in the creation of sustainable lists of targeted, engaged customers interested in your products. 

At Caster & Candy we manage the email lifecycle for you in its entirety from initial impression to subscription. We manage the technology you need and deliver reporting on the insights available about your customers.

Do you have an email list that you are not utilising to the full? Do you see an opportunity to create an email list to market your product/services to? Have you no clue about email marketing and want to talk to someone that can support you and tell you if it is right for you?

What makes us different at Caster & Candy is that we understand the most important thing about digital marketing is return on investment. If you entrust us with your email list and associated campaign we will work with you to ensure your objectives are met, wether that be high click through rates or conversions in terms of traffic to a sales page. 

Working with you we provide a fully managed service understanding the campaigns you would like run, developing the concepts and calls to action, designing up the html email to go out to your list and configuring in the top email marketing technology for you. 

Click here to set­up your email marketing campaign with us at Caster & Candy.

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Email Marketing

“We had no idea email marketing could be so effective, Caster & Candy turned our existing email database into footfall.”
- John McDermott - Shopping Centre Manager

“We had email addresses on invoices sitting in a box in storage, Caster & Candy turned them into re engaged customers interested in our new products.”
- Clarissa Jean Caldwell - Online Food Store


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