A heartwarming social media story…a little girl and her rabbit comforter!

Social media is powerful, we know that, but never as powerful as when the community solves a problem for someone.

Today, we look at Sprucefield Shopping Centre in Northern Ireland’s Facebook page and how a little girl was distraught when she lost her rabbit comforter.

It started off on the 27th November 2014 with two posts on www.Facebook.com/Sprucefield

Post 1 from Suzie:

“Found this well loved comforter at the trolly park closest to Next. Looks like she had fallen out of her trolley.”

Facebook Bunny Sprucefield

Post 2 from Leonne:

“If anyone has come across this very loved bunny (kalloo brand), lost today at sprucefield (either m&s or car park opposite next)…….you would make a little girls night!!”

Sprucefield Facebook

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to understand what happened here. Leonne and her little girl lost this lovely rabbit comforter at Sprucefield & Suzie found it.

Would the connection be made between the two posts? Would the rabbit get back to it’s rightful owner?

The community came to Kaloo’s rescue by sharing, liking and commenting on the post.

Post 3 from Joanne:

“I think I saw someone post something about finding something similar! Hold on I will check!”

3 hours after the first two posts were made, a friend of Leonne, Joanne, made the connection between the two stories, connected Suzie and Leonne so that Kaloo the Bunny Comforter got back to its rightful place.

We love stories like the above where social media is used in a positive way to connect people to the things they need.


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