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Businesses live and die on attracting customers and making sales. Without sales, your business will #fail, fact.

In 2009 Social Media arrived to level the playing field between big and small business, big ad budgets and small ad budgets.

Now in 2015, 6 years later, we are more experienced in developing social media as a link to our customers for the purpose of making sales.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for making sales on social media but here are some of the best methods we have heard of over the last 5 years.

Step 1: Determine the best network to connect with potential customers on.

For a high price point technology sale, LinkedIn is the probable choice as a platform for your marketing material. If you sell cupcakes, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram seem more likely candidates.

Step 2: Join a community and create a persona.

You wont get on the winning team if you don’t know how to play the game…spend some time learning about the platform you’re going to start hunting for sales on. Take some time to converse with people, it’s called “social” media a good reason, the opportunity to be social. Who knows, a conversation in your initial testing phase could land you a new customer immediately. Results take initial action.

Step 3: Connect with your customers…and future customers.

Do a quick search on your chosen network, for example on Facebook use the search bar at the top to connect with businesses and customers that are alike your own. On twitter use the search function to identify people talking about a particular topic you are interested in. Add friends, like pages, connect on LinkedIn and follow the people who you believe could benefit from your product of services.

Step 4: Build relationships.

Business is built on relationships…and they have to start somewhere. Conversing with your new friends on social media is a great way to spark off relationships that could last a lifetime with your business.

There you have it, 4 steps to making sales in social media.

Everyone’s social media sales journey is different so fill in this form to speak to an informed digital account manager who will personally review your needs.

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