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For thousands of years, fisherman have been using lures to catch fish. The fisherman knows that if he uses too small a lure the fish won’t be interested, too big and the fish won’t take it. The lure must appeal to the fish on its terms, after all the fisherman and his lure are entirely alien to the pond! Just like a lure, the online advert for your customers must suit them, not scare them away and deliver a conversion in terms of traffic or sign ups. Caster & Candy will support you in ensuring you use the right lure for your customer.

People are online, fact. What if we could open up a whole new marketplace of customers for your business using online adverts? 

Online ads are an instant way of getting traffic to your offer/product/service. This eye-line disruption is achieved through having a strong product, strange visuals and a strong call to action.

In terms of the design element of your advert, Caster & Candy can provide an end to end service where we design the advert, then manage it along with your paid advertising budget to deliver your clicks, sales, sign ups or whatever success metric we have placed in our planning stage. 

Our expertise in the following online advertising networks will ensure you get the highest quality traffic and the most targeted click throughs. 

Our network promotes your online advertisements to:

  • Google Paid Advert Network
  • Facebook Paid Advert Network
  • Twitter Promoted Tweets
  • Northern Ireland Choice ad platform networks

At Caster & Candy we have the skills necessary to ensure that you get a strong return on investment on your online advertising budget. Wether you want to drive awareness, sales, email sign ups, we will create the correct solution for you.

We work on a CPM impressions basis where we agree the amount of people who will see your ad beforehand and work with our partners and directly on platforms such as Google/Facebook/Twitter to deliver those views on your advert. 

We understand the brief you have, we create the campaign you want, deliver the results you need and analyse the metrics for future innovation. Caster & Candy promote the partnership model with our customers, your business is our business, waste is not an option. 

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Online advertising

“Caster & Candy manage our advertising budget to deliver a 200% return on investment.”
- James Rossini - Online Retail Store

“Caster & Candy used our advertising budget to attract people into our email database. We have been able to engage with these new potential customers again and again.”
- Carl Goodman - Online Magazine


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