The Power of “Like”

It’s nice to be liked…on Facebook.

Facebook Likes 2015

Getting likes personally feels GREAT, getting more likes than your competition as a business comes with the same feeling.

Good & dedicated Social Media Managers across the country understand the buzz and power of a like.

Facebook’s help centre has this to say:

Facebook 2015

“Like” is a way to give positive feedback or to connect with things you care about on Facebook. You can like content that your friends post to give them feedback or like a Page that you want to connect with on Facebook.

What does the word actually mean though? According to the dictionary “Like” is…to enjoy or approve of something or someone, or, to show that you think something is good on a social networking website by clicking on a symbol or the word ‘like’.

Yes, it has happened, the Facebook like button has actually rewritten the dictionary.

When we get a like on Facebook…personally or as a business, we at Caster & Candy believe it means more than “like”.We believe it is an effortless warm sharing of affection, an easy way to tell someone that you are still there and love hearing from them.

Facebook Like 2015

Facebook know this too, so much so that the more you like something on your newsfeed, Facebook shows you more of that type of content, and that content you do not like, Facebook shows you less of it.

Technically, for marketers, a like is very important. A like connects the thing that you are promoting to your audience, this connection is reusable over and over again. A like is almost as good as getting an email address, but takes a little less effort on the part of the customer.

When someone likes your brand on Facebook & your content is great, you have a good shot at keeping that person engaged and interested in your brand, and more importantly, seeing the posts on their newsfeed naturally.

If your content sucks and you are not engaging your audience, the amount of people seeing your posts will drop, dramatically until you are in the “Tree falling in the woods zone” although we can answer the old question…no-one is hearing your posts.

Facebook 2015

Did you know that the average brand only manages to get in-front of 6% of their fans naturally?  This is due to Facebook’s algorithm that rightly (or wrongly in a lot of social media manager’s opinions) decided what you as a customer want to see.

There are a few legitimate ways to improve your visibility to your Facebook fans:

  • Less is more…40 character posts are the most engaging according to research.
  • 2015 is the year of pay to play…boost your posts to reach the maximum number of fans.
  • Use incredible pictures & videos…people engage more with pictures and videos than plain text.
  • Time your posts correctly, Facebook insights will give you all the info you need on that one.

Everyone’s social media journey is different so fill in this form to speak to an informed digital account manager who will personally review your needs.

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