Search Engine Optimisation is like food. Quick, cheap SEO and has little long-term value, while healthy SEO costs more but has a better long-term effect. At Caster & Candy we specialise in sustainable, strategy focused search engine optimisation. 

The first questions we ask when developing a SEO plan or fix for a business is about how good a business is at what they do and the second is how good they are at making their good work visible online. If the answer is yes to both of these then you should have impressive SEO rankings, if not then you probably don’t feature that highly on Google!

Our knowledge of the behaviours that lead a customer to a product online allows us to support in the development of a winning SEO strategy for new players in online presence or old hats.

In digital marketing there is a saying “Content is king” while this might be true, there is a saying in SEO that “content doesn’t win, optimised content wins.”. It might be great to have an article about your chosen product or service but if it does not have the correct build, tags and keywords assigned throughout you can be sure that you are losing views to your competitors. 

At Caster & Candy we work with your business to find the hottest most relevant keywords and ensure your website and associated content is up to scratch in terms of getting you the highest possible position on Google.

Our automated reporting also tells you in real-time how your website is ranking in google based on specific search criteria. 

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“We wanted to rank higher on Google, Caster & Candy developed a path to ensure we got there, and we did get there.”
- Larry McGrath - Technology Sales

“As a vision focused agency, Caster & Candy know what they are doing and will ensure you meet your pre defined objectives.”
- Jess Colman - Health Sector


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