Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

Social Media Trends 2015

Caster & Candy has reviewed the top predicted social media marketing trends from the experts for 2015, below are some of things we expect to happen next year.

  • Brands will realise that storytelling is key on social media.
  • Content is king, but context is as important.
  • Social Media is not just a “nice to have” it’s essential to a brand’s online presence.
  • Instant messaging platforms like whatsapp and snapchat will compete with Facebook for eye-line presence.
  • Things will continue to go wrong, social media is still young there is still a huge margin for error.
  • Marketing, communications and external teams will work together to develop one voice across all platforms.
  • Social media will want to become your online wallet for transactions between friends.
  • Smart devices will get more social, options to “share as you live” will become the norm.
  • Privacy will become more of a concern.
  • Internet marketing will make up 25% of an overall brand budget.

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Trends taken from TIME, Forrester & Other sources.

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