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Twitter, for business can be a little daunting.

With so much going on, so many hashtags, pictures, links. It can be hard to know where to start.

At Caster & Candy we see Twitter as a great place to start relationships.

As a business owner you will know, your business is based on relationships. Relationships with your team, with your customers and your suppliers.

Ways to start a relationship on Twitter…

follow Twitter


What type of person are you trying to mingle with? Customers? Ok here is an example, if you are a flower business in Belfast…why not perform the following Twitter search: “Belfast Flowers”. Within the search you will find competitors who are followed by potentially your next customers…time to follow some of those guys perhaps? You will also find people exclaiming how happy they are about the flowers they got…potentially a very targeted audience for a reciprocal gift.



Post a tweet with a picture of your business in action. If you are a computer company, post a tweet about one of your latest achievements, could be a sale, a happy customer, a award or even a company milestone. Your followers will see this…this is a non intrusive interaction, some of your followers may choose to engage with your tweet in the form of a RT, a Favourite or an @reply. All solid relationship building actions.



Retweet the amazing things and achievements on your news feed. Don’t fill your tweets with Retweet completely, limit to an appropriate amount per day, if you don’t know what that amount is just yet, make it 1.


Thank you Tweet

Thank for engagement.

When someone RTs you…why not thank them and ask them about something in their life or business.

Don’t just do it for the sake of it, let’s go back to the flower shop in Belfast. If a follower was to RT you, how about replying to them with this. “Hey! Thank you for the RT, appreciate it, Hey, what is your fave Flower?”.

This is the potential start of a lifelong customer relationship.

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