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Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” we believe he was correct and his saying is relevant for websites. Less is more in many cases and here at Caster & Candy we aim to ensure you have the simplest method of reaching your goals and objectives via your website possible. 

So you need a website, who doesn’t? Websites are the new norm, they are your digital shop front, they have bred a new industry called users experience analysis. 

We follow a strict process in terms of web design to suit your needs: 

  1. Customer consultation – We work with you to ensure we understand the brief.
  2. Visual Design – The UI of a website is crucial, we ensure it looks beautiful.
  3. Build – We build the design based on signed off visual mock-ups.
  4. Testing – Before delivery we thoroughly test your finished web page.
  5. Analytics – Our analytics will align and report on pre determined goals.

Our websites are functional and beautiful. We make sure they fit in with your overall strategy and link in with the correct keywords for your industry to enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings. 

We ensure that you are able to update your website on the go with innovative CMS (Content Management Solutions). This will keep your website up to date and interesting for the end user. 

Security is incredibly important on any website, at Caster & Candy we incorporate the highest standards in the security of your website to allow credit card transactions and secure data uploads. 

One of our favourite quotes about web design is as follows: “Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.” – Jared Spool

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Web Design

“From start to finish our website was professionally assessed and redesigned, it now delivers the results we need to stay competitive and reach our goals.”
- Callum Short - Travel Industry

“Our website was not working for us, Caster & Candy worked to fix and increase the priority on user experience.”
- Paul Wills - Insurance Company


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